Waterproof Rechargeable Stimulator Masturbation Gift Box

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Clitoral Waterproof Rechargeable Stimulator Masturbation Sex Toys Gift

Available from Sex Toys Affair compared to a vibrator this clitoral stimulator sex toys gift on offer is the more professional clitoral nipple vibrator. (Because the of his hole can fit the clitoris and nipples as well)
This purple vibrator has a 10 mode sucking and blowing function and is waterproof.

There are more than 8000 nerve endings on the clitoris and 70% of women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

Could the happiness of sex only be experienced at home?

You could have fun and break this restriction as the bullet vibrator has a remote control. If your partner accompanies you and you go out together why not play an exciting game with your partner holding the remote control!!

Finally the gift box comes with a collection of silicone Penis Rings to help delay ejaculation and prolong your fun sex time.

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