Masturbation Cup. Telescopic Rechargeable and Automatic Rotating

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5 Speed, 10 Mode Masturbation Cup

Telescopic Masturbation Cup. Rechargeable and Automatic Rotating Electric Masturbation Cup. Sex Toys Affair Adult Sex Toy Shop has a huge selection of over 5000 products suitable for beginners all the way through the most experienced. We have Free delivery to anywhere in the UK and all items come discreetly packaged
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  • One Colour: Light Gold
  • 5 Scalable Speeds
  • 10 Modes
  • 5 Rotation Speeds
  • There is a sucker on the cup. You could rotate it 360 degrees. So you don't need hold it. You could enjoy it anytime and any place.
  • Length 35cm/13.78 Inch Width 9.5cm/3.75 Inch
  • Weight 1.45kg(including the packing)