Silicone Kegel Balls Vagina Exercise Variety

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Silicone Kegel Double & Single Balls Vagina Exercise

The ball is designed to wobble. The weight of each ball is different, and users can match balls with different weights according to different stages to effectively exercise You can customize different weights to your own needs. Sex Toys Affair Adult Sex Toy Shop has free delivery anywhere in the UK and discreet packaging


  • Double Ball:189*34MM,Single Ball:139*34MM
  • Weight: The Ball Net Weight:18G 31G 57.6G 57.6G
  • Weight Of Single Ball And Silicone Case:33.4 46.4 73G
  • Weight Of Double Ball And Silicone Leather Cover:104.2 117.2 143.8G
  • Colour: Green White
  • Material: Silicone ABS