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So what is hi®? 

hi® is a professional grade full body massager that is similar in quality and power to much more expensive tools used by therapists.

hi® can be used for men and women for an amazing massage. Our training programs show you easy ways to use hi® for giving – and receiving – amazing massages.

What makes hi® unique is that it is designed specifically to target women’s pelvic muscles in a unique patented way. This also works through clothing (or feminine napkins). Women can use hi® to help relax during a variety of challenges they deal with, as well as for intimate needs.

hi® is powered from a wall outlet, not a battery.

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12 Month Warranty

 hi® is warrantied for 12 months for mechanical or manufacturing defects. If you have a mechanical failure within 12 months of purchase please let us know and we can get a replacement unit sent to you.

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Dr. Ivy Yung, DHS 

I’ve experienced hi® myself and witnessed other women using it.hi® was very different in that it gave me a continuous multiple orgasmic experience, which I have not experienced “continuity” and “multiplicity” at the same time before, it’s liberating! Also other women I observed using hi® were amazed at the speed they achieved orgasm – within minutes – and they were fully clothed.”

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John Kamp, MD 

“As a radiologist specializing in breast cancer diagnosis, I was usually the first person to give a woman the bad news that she might have cancer. So after retiring I decided to help women in their recovery phase after treatment. Usually recovery of sexual functioning is set on the back burner for a year or two due to body image issues and low desire.

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Richard Nguyen

The best recommendation I can give is a quote from one of the women who tested “hi™” at a recent graduate lecture here at the IASHS.

Julie said, “Now I have something that gives me complete control of my orgasm whenever I want – and that is the biggest freedom I’ve found.

It’s freedom for me to be the sexual person I want to be, when I want to be.”



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