Vibrator C Shape Remote Control G-Spot Stimulator-Pink

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Up to 200 bump thorns stimulate your honey beans and G spots at the same time, letting you reach the peak moment like never before, so that you ca n?t pull out the burr sea cucumber: C-type structure, close fit, excellent positive It is the C structure of his appearance, which fits more closely into the gap between you. It is more irritating when intimacy. Lingual tentacles: Lingual tentacles, multi-point soft thorns, super multi-stimulation points, 10-frequency strong shocks can stimulate G points, giving women multiple stimuli. , To make it quickly reach the orgasm life waterproof function, feel free to use, not afraid of the peak of the honey water climax comes out

10 frequency conversion, more happy choices.

Main product: 10-segment frequency-controlled clitoral breast G spot stimulation massager * 1.

Number: 36001?

Product size: about 12cmx7.5cm.

Product material: ABS silicone.

Commodity color: pink.

Power supply: AAAX2 sex toys are personal privacy products.