Clitoral Sucking Vibrator & Nipple Stimulation With 10 Modes

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10 Mode Nipple And Clitoral Stimulator

This Vibrator / Clit stimulator Mimics Oral Sex, Much More Subtle and Direct: which is completely different from a vibration effect. Sucking, pulsating and throbbing from within, that soft little tip gently surrounds sweets spots without overwhelming sensitive tissue -Suck on Your Clitoris with 10 Different Patterns: to help you reach orgasm in just a few moments. With its comfortable handle button, you can easily witch different vibrations to vary the pleasure -Fully Rechargeable: via an included mini USB cable, 120 minutes of charge time will run the sucker for up to 60 more minutes of continuous use. Enabling you to use it and experience pleasure anytime, anywhere. No more need for batteries(the vibe won't turn on with the charger still attached) -Body-safe and Ultra Hygienic Silicone: it is 100% adapted for the body, odourless, and offers skin-like touch sensations. 100% waterproof for extremely simple cleaning and for pleasure and fun with peace of mind
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  • Product Weight:155g
  • Vibration intensity:10 frequency vibration
  • Suck strength:10 frequency suck
  • Power: usb charging
  • Charging time: about 2 hours