Help & FAQ

* Discreet Packaging In Boring Brown Boxes

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence. With totally plain packaging, the only person getting excited by your delivery is you.

What will it have written on it? 

Royal Mail requires us to have a return address on your parcel. This is shown as Scramblefield Yard, Halstock Leigh, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 9QX. The address does not include 'Sex Toys Affair'.


What your package will look like

All orders are sent in plain packaging. There's absolutely no way of telling what's inside the package or who the sender is. Here are photographs of how your Sex Toys Affair order is discreetly and securely packaged.

  1. Larger items are dispatched in our plain, sturdy custom-made boxes. We have two sizes of boxes to cope with larger toys and board games.

    Our sturdy and totally plain custom-made boxes
  2. Smaller items such as condoms are sent in plain, heavy-duty padded envelopes.

    Our tough and totally plain padded envelopes

There are no markings on the back or side of your parcel. The only markings are your address label on the front, which appears as below, and a Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier sticker depending on the service used.

* Does my order need to be signed for?

All Express, Saturday and Sunday orders require a signature and will be sent via a courier.

Our Standard and Premium delivery methods do not require a signature and will be sent via Royal Mail.

* Toy not working?

There are a few things you could try.

Check the batteries

Some sex toys run on batteries, try some new ones as the old ones my have run out. Some toys will drain batteries if you leave them in while not in use, so always take batteries out when you put your toy away.

Check the batteries are correctly inserted, and read the instructions to ensure you've put the batteries in the right way round.

Some vibrators, especially bullets, are supplied with the batteries already inserted. These often have a small paper or plastic disc in the battery compartment that needs to be removed before you can turn the toy on. The disk is there to stop the toy turning on while it's in transit. They also might be wrapped in a clear plastic seal, the toy will not work while the seal on the batteries is in place, so you'll need to carefully remove it.

Is your toy rechargeable?

Make sure you have charged your toy for the recommended time. Double-check the instructions - a rechargeable toy normally has a light that flashes during charging and a solid light to indicate that it is fully charged.

Make sure that you have the correct charging cable for your toy.

Still not working, contact customer service

If you're still having trouble, please contact customer service and we'll be happy to help.

* Product Material

We can not be held responsible for any allergies or reactions to our dolls. Please get medical advise from your doctor to see if you have any allergies to Medical TPE