Leather Cowboy Whip. Handcrafted For Perfect BDSM

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Leather Cowboy Style Whip For The More Experienced

Add this cowboy style to your BDSM play box. With 75 cm of length, it's easy to handle and control. Handmade by our experienced craftsmen using genuine cow leather, this cow leather whip is ideal for BDSM players with some experience.

A combination of brilliant and powerful dark brown goat skin and super soft velvet, creating the contradictory beauty between the samurai's wildness and gentleman's tenderness.
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Key Features

  • Ideal for BDSM players with some experience
  • Hand-knitted by experienced craftsmen
  • A firm handle and wrist strap ensuring you not to lose your grip
  • Easy for handling and controlling the force with 110cm length

  • Material: Goat Skin
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Weight: 110g
  • Total Length: 90cm