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Sex toys bring no complications when it comes to the desire of having that discreet pleasurable moment. If you are looking to have a Sex Toys Affair then begin looking around our website. Our Sex Toys Brand has Improved When we launched in October 2019 as Spicy Affair, our aim was to bring you the best sex toys from around the globe. The adult sex toys we found were great but the brand name had to change. And change for the better it has. Ready for a Sex Toys Affair? We knew when we really thought about what our client...

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Bondage -

Apart from the bondage products Sex Toys Affair have for sale on our website, we though we would share with you some links to related websites that specifically cater to your interests. We shall update this blog story on a regular basis to add websites for you to visit. 

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Bondage, Fetish, Rope Play -

Not everyone is into BDSM but for those that are interested, this guide will give you the low down on this very special lifestyle.     What does BDSM stand for?   BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism. BDSM is the term given to describe the sexual lifestyle of an individual or couple that involves pain via whipping, spanking, physical restraint, domination and submission.   What does it entail?   BDSM are sexual acts involving all or some of the points above between consenting adults to experience mutual satisfaction and excitement. Many people involved in this kind...

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Position Of The Week, Sex, Sex Positions -

Tune in every week for Spicy Affair's 'Position Of The Week' blog post.

Here you will find lots of exciting new potions to try out with your partner. Why not add some sex toys into the equations?  Be sure to browse our store where we have over 6000 products to spice up your sex life :) 

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